Finish Line – Senior Collaborative Project

This project was developed over 6 weeks within a group of 19 students for 2023’s Collaborative Game Development module. As it was my second time doing CGD, I was a Senior and had additional responsibilities during the project. At the halfway point of the project, we got peer feedback from other students and vital feedback from Rockstar Games when we presented the project to them.

I was responsible for The Technical and Programming side of the project, Managing and assigning tasks to juniors and creating:

  • Complete game loop
  • Enemy AI vehicles
  • Split screen and local multiplayer functionality with keyboard and controller support
  • Master materials
  • Some track obstacles
  • Vehicle effects
  • Level design tools, mostly spline-based
  • Vehicle weapon system
  • Vehicle Item pickup system
  • Race start and finish line loop and interactions
  • Main menu and HUD UI code and animation
  • Minimap and leaderboard
  • Shader, lighting and level optimisation
  • Wrong direction indicator
  • Animation blueprints for the characters
  • Some particle effects
  • Some sound effect implementation
  • Winner’s podium mechanic
  • Weekly test builds of the project
  • Fulfilling the Technical requirements checklist

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