Assembly Required

Assembly Required is a farming rogue-like sci-fi exploration game taking place on an alien planet where the player must mine and grow crystals to allow them to escape the planet before destruction.

Made as part of Staffordshire Universities collaborative project produced in 6 weeks by a team of 17 students, including myself. page:

My contributions

Over the course of the game’s development, I worked on many different aspects of the game. Some of the things I was responsible for were:

  • Enemy AI systems
  • Player character, enemy and shopkeeper’s animation implementation
  • Main menu and pause menu setup
  • Intro and outro cutscenes
  • Bunker, cave and launchpad areas meshing and lighting
  • Animated acid and crystal material
  • Spline-based editor tools for level creation
  • Niagara particle effects
  • Various different core blueprint functionality and UI menus, e.g. the launchpad, rocket, shop, crafting
  • Lots of bug fixing
  • Inventory Item icon artwork for crystals, their respective shards, and some others that didn’t end up being needed in the final demo

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